Product Bundles - Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

How to create a new Product Bundle?

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The answer is just click CREATE BUNDLE button.
STEP 1 In this section enter the Bundle Title, Bundle Percent Off, Bundle Name, Button Text.
STEP 2 In this section, Choose your products from your store, By clicking + plus icon you can add the product to your bundle here, You can search your desired product by entering product name in search box. It will display the product desired products. You must add at least two products and maximum you can add up to five products. Once you have configure your products then click on SAVE button. That's it!! It will create a new bundle for your store. Go and check your store, Open the product page it will display the product bundle.

Can the product bundles be displayed in another location?

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The default location for the Product bundles is after the product description, but you can easily change the placement of the app. Also, you can place this snippet of code in the desired location of your product page, which you can find here → ActionsEdit code <div class="customer_my_productbundles row bundle-design2" id="customer_myb_my_bundles" data-product-id="{{}}" style="display:block;" ></div> We don't recommend you modify the theme files unless you are an experienced user.

Is there a limit for adding products for the product bundle?

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YES, You can add maximum 5 products and minimum 2 products.

Why I cannot see the product bundles on my store?

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Every time a setting is changed in the app, you need to force refresh (CTRL + SHIFT + R on Windows) to clear your browser's cache. The browser cache will clear itself out every 30 minutes, but force refreshing clearing the cache allows you to see the changes instantly on the store. Still you are not able to see the bundle on product page, please shoot an email '' we will help out.

Can I choose not to display the specific product bundle on product page?

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Yes, You can disable specific product bundle by clicking ON/OFF button on bundle list.

Is there a limit for adding product bundles?

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No, You can add any number of product bundles, there is No Restrictions.